No one likes to be reminded how human they are . . . or how human someone else is that they love.  Interesting is it not, that children find their parents infallible?  We put them on pedestals and make them our heroes, but what do we know?  We forget that they are just flesh and blood not Wonder Woman and the Man of Steel.

     I know that my grandfather is just a man, but it’s hard to remember someone so strong being so weak at times.  I know that he is not like Superman.  I have seen him hurt and in the hospital before, but it is one of the oddest sights to see.  I hated seeing him connected to machinery, bandaged up, in pain.  But he is only human.  He makes mistakes, he gets hurt, he bleeds.

     I found out two days ago that my grandfather was involved in an accident.  Somehow he fell off our lawnmower and ended up getting run over by the trailer that was attached to it.  He was banged and bruised up after that.  Who wouldn’t be?  Grandmother went in to the doctor’s.  I don’t know if it was only to get a handicap sticker for her vehicle or if she was taking grandpa in because of the accident, but for whatever reason, they were at the doctor’s and found out that grandpa had busted ribs.

     One of the body parts your really don’t want bruised, cracked, or broken.  I hear ribs are painful to heal and they are very dangerous because broken ribs could puncture lungs.  When I heard that he was injured like that the first thing that came to my mind is that it wasn’t possible and then reason took over and said that he is seventy years-old.  The older a person gets the harder it gets for them to heal.  There actually comes a time when older people aren’t able to mend broke bones.  It’s scary.

     I don’t want anything to happen to him.  He is my grandfather, he’s like a mighty oak that refuses to bow down to the wind.  Yes, children, even adults get irrational about loved ones.  We want to believe that they are invincible, but the truth is, they never are.


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