Minimum Wage Debacle

Besides the fact that a federal government regulated minimum wage is a joke, let’s talk about Michigan’s raise.  Now, getting paid $6.95 versus $5.15 is a good thing, however, it is not helpful at all.  First of all, the cost of living demands that we get paid more than this in order to have all the basic necessities.  Unfortunately, a national study proves you need to be making $9 and upwards for that to be happening.  Go figure.  While wages have stagnated, the cost of living skyrocketed.  Joy of joys, people do not understand this.  There are people out their in working poverty who are making minimum wage.  The great thing about minimum wage is that it is not the least amount of money needed to get by.   It is a ploy developed during the New Deal to regulate wages.  They thought having a federally mandated minimum would solve the problems they were facing.  They were wrong.

Why?  Well, having a minimum, in theory, is an excellent idea, however, in praxis it just doesn’t work.  One of the great reasons for this little problem is the fact that the government refuses to raise it even though it is PROVEN that people cannot get by on minimum wage alone.  You have to love the irony of that, because we all know that a good portion of some (if not ALL) congressmen are definitely getting paid way over the minimum value.  Hell, there was a congressman who refused to take a certain job on because he swore to help the people, not take a vow of poverty, and that was for a job that made slightly over $200,000 a year.  Vow of poverty my ass.  You can definitely live more comfortable with that much money a year than you can for, oh lets say $11,000 which is roughly what federal minimum wage gets you.  Heaven forbid you make only 20 times that amount.  People are such freaking idiots!  I am doing my research paper on minimum wage so when I figure out just how the government calculates it and decides how and when to raise it, I will let you know.  It really is a fascinating topic.


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