Speak Up, Get Out

It is always interesting to hear when speaking up and encouraging others to speak up as well gets you in trouble. Heaven forbid a professor actually encourages her students to open their mouths about what is going on around them. What is even more interesting is that AC was always complaining about the high level of student apathy on campus. Out of the 1000 students, only a few were actually involved with campus activities. Many of the student organizations were comprised of the same groups of people.

Now, students are starting to speak out, trying to be heard. They want to get involved in the goings on at AC, of what the administration is planning. Since the college wants to keep the students (they finally managed to grow enrollment), the administration sticks to getting rid of faculty who oppose their ideas. The people who are being fired or are leaving due to differences of opinion are general favorites of students.

Yes, let’s get rid of the people who care about the students, who want to make sure that their opinions are heard so they can have a happy college experience – it makes perfect sense. NOT.

Another fun fact. Forums were started so students could voice their concerns to the administration. Sure there was discussion, a voicing of complaints – but many things didn’t change (like proper care of sewage in a dorm’s basement, which finally got cleared up by parents calling and threatening the school). Change takes time. Very true, but not if the problems and concerns are ignored. Especially not if the faculty and other workers at the college who wish to help better the students are sent packing.


One thought on “Speak Up, Get Out

  1. do you get the “contact” thing? that magazine they send out to alumni? not this past one, but the one before that (i think?) made me a little perturbed, so i dropped an e-mail to the editor right away and got a retarded “duh” sort of reply. anyhoo, the cover of the magazine had a series of snafus on it. there was a picture of the AC flag on top of the american flag. firstly, that is inappropriate: the american flag is never shown as secondary to any other flag unless you are on foreign territory. secondly, the american flag was upside down, which is all sorts of wrong. i think i found three or four other things wrong with it beyond that.but the thing that really irked me about it was that the theme of the issue was something about how involved AC is in american politics. yah. way to go proving your point there.also, there was a note in there about how marriage announcements will only be listed if they are acceptable to the methodist church and michigan law… or something like that. okay, i can sort of see that given that it’s a christian college, but on the other hand, how the heck many gay kids were there on campus, and how many did you just blatantly deny recognition of when you happily took their money for four years with no prior qualms?

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