Just Because

How do we choose who runs our country, who represents the American people to the world? Do we vote based on intelligence, voting record . . . or something else? Do we vote for the minority to create history?

Um, no?

Why vote for John McCain? Because he chose a female running mate? What kind of answer is that? Why vote for someone based on sex, race, ethnicity? If that is the criterion being used for this election, why not make the presidency a beauty contest? Seriously. It is sad when that is what some people’s mindsets are coming down to.

Let actions speak louder than words. Let what they have accomplished and what they stand for influence the decision. I suppose if you don’t like either candidate, you could use the minority reason, but shouldn’t you really be looking at what other options you have? There are other parties running, not that they’ll garner enough votes to win, but still, support what you believe. Or, I guess, go with the popular which is the lesser of the two “evils?”

I am not sure how I feel about Senator McCain, but I do know that I won’t vote for him this coming November just because he chose a female running mate. And no offense, I am less likely to vote for him because of his running mate. She doesn’t seem like she has enough experience. If the worse should happen, or if she should be in a position where she must take over the reigns for a little while, she seems horribly ill-equipped to handle situations like we’ve had in the past. She is still green, still wet behind the ears. Sure, she can learn, but do we want it at our country’s, our people’s, expense?

Just some food for thought.

One thought on “Just Because

  1. i figure that no matter what a candidate says, there’s only a small chance he’s telling the truth. either he’ll forget what he promised he’d do, or he’ll get sidetracked, or something will prevent him from accomplishing his tasks, or he’ll turn out to be an incompetent liar. therefore, i’m voting for obama based on the fact that when i listen to him talk, i don’t feel like drinking a bottle of windex and shoving crayons up my nose until i can’t remember my name anymore.even if he does run the country into the ground, at least i won’t be as prone to wanting to slit my wrists like i do now when the current president seems to imply it’s all my fault for being a liberal. …if mccain weren’t to do this should he become president, i’m pretty sure palin would make up for it in strides.on the other hand, while watching the vp debates, i had an overwhelming urge to pop biden one in the neck.erm… anyhoo!

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