Is it Christmas Yet?

Normally I am not one to blog twice in a day so close together, but really. [Also, this was supposed to be posted in October, I just missed my mark due to preparations for my sister’s wedding that was November 1.] Isn’t it disturbing to walk into a store (before Halloween mind you) to see skeletons, goblins, frankensteins, fake blood, creepy decorations directly across from the Christmas decorations? I mean, lets have angels, nativities, pretty decorations, fake snow, cuddly winter critters next to a holiday that celebrates the dead, the harvest and was a day when animals were slaughtered for winter storage.

When I was younger, probably in the early years of middle school/high school I thought that it was ridiculous about how early stores hocked Christmas wares. I always said that sooner or later stores would have their Christmas junk out before Halloween and this year that prediction rang true. Honestly. Why October? Why that freaking early? This is getting out of hand and ridiculous. I am a firm believer in nothing to do with that holiday until AFTER Thanksgiving. Heck, in my house we never decorated immediately after Thanksgiving, it was usually the first or second weekend of December.

I guess this goes to show the over-commercialization of this holiday. Truthfully, it means so much more than we give it credit for. I am abhorred by all the people who practically through their Christmas stuff up almost immediately following Halloween. The holiday spirit is fine, it’s ok to love Christmas, but this is seriously just wrong.

Another disturbing tidbit, one of my favorite soft rock stations is now playing Christmas music. In fact, they basically started they day after Halloween. To me, November 1 is even still too early. Why can’t stores, or people wait until mid-November at the earliest? Thinking about Christmas while trying to celebrate Halloween is just wrong – it will never be right. If this trend continues, why bother taking down Christmas stuff at all? Just leave it up all year round. Then again, if that happened I would have to stay away from any form of physical store. But internet shopping is getting much better and shipping definitely more reliable.

Patience is a virtue. Stay away from Christmas until it is actually November-December. Is that too much to ask?


One thought on “Is it Christmas Yet?

  1. i have a tendency towards refusing to buy myself things throughout the year. it’s been kind’ve tricky this year because i was pretty unhappy for a few months, and copious sums of new manga were all that kept me from… check that. i snapped a few times. but the manga entertained me, anyway.otherwise, i rarely buy myself stuff.therefore, christmas is a necessity to appease my greed and my cd collection.otherwise, i’m not really all that big on it. i’m burned out long before christmas, and by the time it arrives, i just want it to be over with. working in a 24/7/365 office doesn’t help much, either, when holidays are rarely honored and christmas is only a slight twitch in my schedule. lucky for me, this year seems to have not greeted christmas quite so early. i think this is more my doing than christmas’s, as i don’t get out much and therefore have only seen minimal over-early scenes. i don’t watch a lot of tv, so i’ve missed out on many early christmas commercials. i listen to canadian radio, and alternative/rock stations, and neither seem keen on early christmas music (if any at all). and also? i commute to and from work at odd times, so only in small doses have i had to deal with seeing outdoor decorations.on the other hand, i started my shopping last week and will be working on my cards shortly. just because i abhor the holiday don’t mean i can’t be ahead of schedule for it!

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