Veracity of Dreams

Dream interpretation has been a hot debate, at least in certain circles.  How much stock can one put in a dream?  According to Freud, there are many subconscious desires and knowledge that comes out in dreams.  Of course, Freud was also a big proponent of recognizing sexual urges in dreams.  Sometimes a cigar is a just a cigar, not some weird phallic representation.

I have little faith, myself, in dreams.  They are silly things that are not memorable and I fail to see how they can actually relate to reality.  What does it mean to have a werewolf sitting outside your door or to go bowling with turkeys at your best friend’s house?  Consult a dream dictionary and they answers are absurd.  Any reference to wolves/werewolves brings up sex.  Since children have such dreams, I highly doubt dreaming of such a thing represents suppressed sexual desire.

My grandmother, however, puts great stock in dreams.  In sooth, several dreams of hers have come true – the good and the bad.  She says that you know when those dreams will come true.  She has always had a good idea of which of her dreams will come to pass.  Now, nothing is exactly the way it is in dreams.  It is not a true account of the events that have come to happen.  It is eerie when she relates all that she dreamed and what happened later.

Should I believe her?  Well, yes.  I don’t put much stock in dreams, but I do hers.  Mainly because I have heard her tell the stories months before such events actually occurred – many without the slightest hint that such events were actually on the horizon.  She has dreamt of deaths and joyous happenings, all of which have come to pass.

So, should I worry about recurring dreams?  Ones that don’t seem to implausible?  Ones that worry me?  Grandmother says that recurring dreams prepare you for an event to come.  I believe that I don’t want this event to come – it just doesn’t seem right, or fair, to the parties involved.  So, I think I shall stick with believing that my dreams come to naught and will leave the "special" dreams to my grandmother.


One thought on “Veracity of Dreams

  1. my dreams tend to be pretty realistic. i mean, things quite unnatural are happening, but the settings and characters, and often the premise and events, are all reasonably grounded in stuff that could certainly happen.i have often wondered, if not what in the hell these things mean, then at least where in the hell they come from. it tends to drive me nuts when i wake up scratching my head muttering, “now, why in the world did i have a dream about THAT?” …where “that” typically refers to some specific event, or a particular person… basically, something that really happened at some point, or a person i used to know, but usually something i haven’t thought of in years, and i really wonder what triggered the recollection so vividly that it popped up in a dream.i think it was jung who said that dreams are just collections of things that you’ve seen throughout the day. …i think my dreams tend to null such a thing out.

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