Love Song – A Quandry

I want to write a love song, but I do not know the melody. And if I do not have a tune, then how can I find the right words? Each attempt ends in utter failure and a discordant harmony. The piano refuses to sing for me, apparently I am tickling the wrong keys. And all the violin does is screech as if the bow hurts its delicate strings. With this conflagration of musical mayhem, there is no chance for poetry, for dulcimer strains sweet as a nightingale’s song.

Why won’t the notes flow, the words come? Why does every blessed thing go wrong? Why can’t I write a blasted love song? I have paper and pens and a thousand good intentions. Also, there is my open heart and affectionate nature, so what is missing? What is needed?

Could it possibly be that the missing key to that ever-elusive song is love? For what is a love song without honest emotion? A lie to look live love, but made with empty sounds, like empty promises from a pretend lover.


One thought on “Love Song – A Quandry

  1. i think if *i* were to write a love song, it’d be one of those moody screamy ones with the badly lit music videos attached. ;)…is that a yaoi down towards the bottom of your shelfari? good girl! *wink*

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