I Believe

I believe that the system is broken. I believe there is no “easy” fix that people seem to think will happen virtually overnight. It will take time. No one wants to take the time to make the changes. Why? Because we live in the here and now. Everything is instantaneous. Anticipation is gone, replaced by the demand of instant gratification. Why plants seeds and cultivate the ground? Why put in effort when results are demanded today?

I believe, in a lot of ways, we have become a lazy nation. For that, there is no drug, no Band-Aid, no alcohol that can magically make things right.

I believe it is wrong for banks and mortgage companies to lend money to those who obviously cannot afford to pay it back. I believe it is bad now, but it’s going to get worse. Much, much worse. It always does. Murphy’s Law, to some extent. Anything that can go wrong will. It just hasn’t yet.

I believe there is a problem – all for me and screw you. I believe there is hope. There is always hope. It exists in the most polluted and degenerative of places. I believe that hope is good. I believe that cynicism is necessary.

I believe that the so-called “American Dream” is a lie – it has been for a long, long time. This is not a land of opportunity, of milk and honey. We send aid to foreign countries (they need it, no doubt about that) while our citizens lose their homes and starve out on the streets.

What do you believe?


One thought on “I Believe

  1. i believe it’s entertaining when canadians find out i’m an american. they apparently think i am not like an ordinary american, and either hate me a little for it, or tell me to become a canadian citizen.

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