How did they do that?

You know I attended catechism classes for my church for two years. All I can remember from those two years are the Apostle’s Creed, a little bit about baptism and confession (not that Lutherans practice confession like Catholics do), and some little pieces of scripture that had to be memorized.

But, the thing I remember the most (and probably one of the most worthless pieces of information) is how to figure out when Easter will fall.  Did you ever wonder how they determined when Easter will be every year?  There is actually a formula for it.

Ready? Ok, here goes.

Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.  Hence why sometimes it is in March and other times it is in April.  It is all tied to the lunar cycle.  Very pagan in a way.  But what are Christian holidays but versions of pagan holidays?  Christmas shouldn’t technically be celebrated in December because if you do the math and everything Jesus was most likely born in either fall or spring (I can never remember which).  So why do we celebrate that particular holiday in December?  Well, it comes down to this lovely thing called evangelism.  When the Christians tried to convert the pagans, they made it easier by corresponding holidays and traditions all in one.

Hey it worked.  And if it didn’t?  Well, if you didn’t convert, then sometimes you died.  Gotta love it.


One thought on “How did they do that?

  1. tonight we played a game called “chicken feet” while we were at work. it’s played with dominoes, and your score is based on how many dots there are on your dominoes. i just plain wouldn’t keep score, and my co-worker had to resort to counting each dot, because neither one of us could remember what the twelve looked like, and we can’t add.point being: maybe it’s not a pagan thing; maybe it’s just a bad math thing.

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