Wolverine: Origins

Ah, Wolverine: Origins. As a huge fan of Wolverine and the X-Men universe, I was excited yet nervous to see how the Origins storyline would be handled. Since the other movies ventured away from the many alternate universes of the X-Men comics, I was worried that they would stray way too far away when they gave Hugh Jackman’s character his own movie. They did stray, but not in a horrible ‘I can’t believe they did that way.’

Funny enough, they made Victor Creed and Logan brothers. Yes, Logan had a half-brother. Although the comic never came out and actually stated this, it was so obviously implied. No, his brother wasn’t a mutant. Especially not Victor Creed. Aka: Sabertooth. Remember Sabertooth? The blond idiot from the first movie. To this movie’s credit, they never mentioned that Victor was Sabertooth, but come on, anyone who knows X-Men history knows these two people are synonymous. I kow that Sabertooth’s powers are much like Wolverine’s but I didn’t think that Creed was really older than even Logan. I could be wrong though.

Since they didn’t connect Victor with Sabertooth, is that their way of trying not to conflict with the first movie? I mean, it was pretty hard to tell if there was a connection between Sabertooth and Wolverine. The only part really hinting at anything would be Sabertooth keeping the dogtags. That’s about it. So did he or didn’t he?

Yay! Silverfox was in the movie. Um. But in the X-Men realm I am familiar with, I don’t remember the storyline all that well. I know that Wolverine thought that she was dead and I think that Sabertooth was supposed to have killed her, but the whole Weapon X stuff I am fuzzy on. It was kind of obvious that she was going to betray him or that something was going to happen because of the Wolverine story she told.

But the best part was Gambit! Heck yeah, we saw the swamp rat Remy Lebeau finally! Even with his imfamous stick that he uses to fight. They even put in some of the teasing/fighting relationship that he and Logan had. Tres cool.

So, overall, good movie. It’s a whole bunch of events patched together, but when you’re trying to explain the complicated 200 years or so of a character’s life, it is bound to be difficult. And at least they have an explanation for the memory loss. Adimentium bullets to the brain – ouch. They explained it in Origins the comic, maybe, but I can’t remember. I just remember the girl he loves dies (killed by him?) and after she dies, her diary where she chronicled Wolverine’s history was burned, ergo, he will never know who he was before. Sad day. Oh well.


One thought on “Wolverine: Origins

  1. i only ever watched the “x-men” cartoon back in the day, so i’m really only familiar with the whole thing from *that*. i don’t remember liking gambit back then, but for some inexplicable reason, got horribly excited about him popping up in this movie.which i probably won’t watch.sometimes i wonder about me. XD

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