Burn, Baby, Burn

And so this is how it begins. This is how it begins, and this is how it ends . . . in fire and in ice. Burning passions, freezing loves consuming the world – seeking, searching. It is never enough. It is never enough. This echoes and resounds. He is consumed by fire – nothing but burning passion. She is ice incarnate – her love burns as it freezes. Seeking, searching. They can never find the other without withering within. Opposites consumed by fire, burning hot, burning cold til nothing is left, even heaven has turned to ash.


2 thoughts on “Burn, Baby, Burn

  1. the kid was cute as hell, and funny, but when he cracked into my customer account at the bookstore in order to figure out how to contact me, he pretty much sealed the deal that i was going to title him a “creepy stalker” and he wasn’t, in turn, going to get laid.

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