Micro-fiction that makes no sense

Sometimes the girl wondered what the big deal was.  It was just another day like any other.  Sure, it was the day that began a new biological year, but what was it’s significance?  It was never really celebrated or rejoiced.  In fact, she was pretty certain that her mother cursed this day every year – if she wasn’t too drunk to remember that is.

The girl sighed.  Life, supposedly the greatest gift.  This morning she had received one card telling her she was now officially over the hill at 25.  Enclosed was a picture of a Mayfly, a creature that lived such a brief life.

Sometimes the girl wondered why she was born.  Her parents hated each other enough to get divorced and move half a world apart, leaving her behind, stuck in the middle.

The girl sighed again and looked down at the card on the table.  She was burning that picture tonight.


One thought on “Micro-fiction that makes no sense

  1. pfft! well, luckily i know that wasn’t *my* card, because i can never remember how old anybody actually is, let alone be bothered to accuse them of being over the hill. (particularly since i know that i am older!!!)

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