Adobo Failure

So I was making a traditional Filipino dish called adobo. Basically, it is pork and chicken in a sauce. Well, I figured that if I followed the recipe it would work out fine. So not true. The recipe actually didn’t work out at all. Apparently when it calls for 1 cup of vinegar, you should put in like an eighth of what it wants. It was vinegary as all hell. *shiver*

However, the Pansit turned out just fine. Although, it is a hella lot harder to screw up noodles, veggies and chicken. Hopefully when I try out the barbecue sauce recipe, it will actually work out. Hard to believe that these people writing out these recipes could actually make such an egregious error.


One thought on “Adobo Failure

  1. my mom got me "skinny bitch in the kitch" the other day, which is awesome because it's darn funny, but weird because it's vegan, and generally pointless because i can't cook. anyhoo, i don't recognize most of the ingredients listed, 'cause apparently vegans eat even weirder things than i do, and most of the things i eat cause ordinary people to go into dry-heaves.but, mostly, i can't cook.still funny as all get out, though.

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