G.I. Joe

I used to love watching the cartoon when I was a child so I was excited yet worried that they were making a live action. I guess I can’t be too disappointed granted that I can’t remember too much about the series as it has been close to 20 years since I have watched it.

The action sequences were decent. The CGI, well, you could tell whatever was CGI was indeed all computerized. It is interesting how some CGI you can hardly tell at all that it is computer generated and others you can tell and you seriously wonder if they actually tried to make it look realistic.

I did enjoy the movie. I loved Ray Park as Snake Eyes. It is funny how this martial artist actor always seems to play characters where you can’t see his face, i.e. Toad from X-men, Darth Maul from the Phantom Menace. I loved his fighting with his nemesis from Ninja school.

Speaking of his arch nemesis. Ok, there are many Japanese actors out there, they exist, so why was a Korean playing a Japanese ninja? I am just curious. The actor did a great job, if I didn’t know better, I suppose a person wouldn’t even know that he wasn’t Japanese, but I do, so I found it amusing. And, totally off topic, another Japanese Ninja movie will be coming out sometime later this year or next year and the main star is indeed another Korean, Rain. Is the reasoning behind this that all Asians supposedly “look alike” (which is not true, you can tell the difference between Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, etc – if you know what you are looking for)? Just an interesting question to contemplate.

Back to the topic at hand. Yes, I liked G.I. Joe. Yes, it had cheesy acting and more action than anything else, but it was at least enjoyable, which is hard to say for some of the more recent movies I have seen.


One thought on “G.I. Joe

  1. the first time i said hi to mikiko, she muttered, "which one are you?" because she couldn't tell any of us caucasians apart since we all look alike. rain! hahaha! the only thing i know about him is that he's stephen colbert's arch-nemesis. i have tried to learn more, but it seems all the sites i follow that mention korean music are all over dbsk, and not much else.and i have heard rumor that gackt is supposed to be in some movie this year or next year, but to heck if i can figure out what it is…but to answer your question: i dunno why they always insist on randomly grabbing people of different ethnicities to play other ethnicities. didn't that happen in "memoirs of a geisha", too? like, the main chick was actually chinese, i think? didn't speak a lick of japanese or something? and speaking of old cartoons, i was all over "jem" at work last week. not watching it, but recalling it fondly and staring at websites about it when i darn well should've been doing a whole lotta other stuff. hooray for the internet!

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