Twitter, Facebook

Social networking; sharing your status; and updating, updating, updating. Seriously, I wonder.

I joined Facebook at the behest of a friend. Back then (2004), Facebook was nice and uncluttered. Mainly, I just liked it for keeping in touch with old friends who I had lost contact with. Now it is a crazy place with way too much going on. My response to the . . . commercialization? or whatever you want to call it . . . stop going to Facebook. Which, now that I have finally visited it again after a few months, means I had a stockpile of over 100 requests. Seriously way too many.

What happened to Facebook being a social networking platform to keep in touch with people (or to find like-minded people if you are a social butterfly)?

Now there is Twitter. I don’t understand it. I don’t think that I want to either. It seems pointless. Especially when you have people updating their Twitter accounts every few minutes with inane information that it is hard to believe anyone would actually care about.

What is good about these two sites now?


4 thoughts on “Twitter, Facebook

  1. i get asked all the time at work by the people i talk to on the phone with if i have a facebook account. i've got linkedin, but that's plenty enough for me. if you wanna otherwise talk to me, drop me an e-mail: i don't need six hundred social networking accounts just because somebody's too lazy to type in an e-mail address.

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