Emo/Angst in EVERY Culture

But really, Chani has a point about emo and angst. They are very popular and well, as the great Charles Baxter puts it, “Hell sells.” Why? Unfortunately, people lose interest in things if they are plain ol’ happily ever after stories. Truthfully, conflict is needed. However, anime and manga in general do have a tendency to have some of the worst qualities of American soap operas. Basically meaning that a couple must go through every trial possible (which gets ridiculous after a certain point) just in order to be together. Please, family disapproval, enemies attacking from all sides (literary AND figuratively) is too much and the odds are actually against that many obstacles appearing (simultaneously AND in succession).

But it is not just in anime and manga. It is there in Asian drama, American soap operas and even prime time television now. It’s getting worse, not better which makes television even more annoying. Charter calls continuosly and I can honestly say that I just don’t watch that much tv because there is really too much crap out there.

And you want emo and angst? Check out Stephanie Myers Twilight series. OMG, talk about emo and angst. The first book was fine, the second book saw a dramatic increase and books 3 and 4? Fuh-gettaboutit. It is seriously ridiculous. So, I guess you can say there is no entertainment venue safe from emo and angst and I believe that this is totally different than Baxter implies with his quote. Sure, hell sells, but we’re not talking about climbing through the seven circles while everyone is against you.

Too much is too much. Moderation is key. We need moderation in the anime and manga and literature and movies today. Melodrama will always be present (unfortunately, my much loved Escaflowne can be emo and angsty as well – but not quite to the evil extent of today), so how bout we tone it down just a little?


One thought on “Emo/Angst in EVERY Culture

  1. i love emo! i've also noticed that everything i write starts out all angsty and… gets more angsty. stoopid characters sit in the back of my head and tell me horrid little tales that make me think it's time to write a therapist and set up a mental health facility somewhere in my skull. 😉

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