My Thoughts on Twilight

Chani’s back!

So I’ll try to make this post a bit shorter than the previous one, but NeeNee’s response to my angst post made me think about Twilight as well.

First, my ultimate coming off of Twilight thoughts are: It is entertaining, but will never be great literature. In other words, I liked it. I enjoyed reading it. But I don’t understand wacko fangirls. And as a person with some experience in English and Creative writing (not as much as NeeNee, though) I will be the first to admit that the books are not really written well. Now, unlike NeeNee, I actually like books 3 & 4 better than 1 & 2, but not because of Bella and Edward. In fact, aside from Rosalie (who I also like to call the “Queen Bitch of the Universe”) and Emmett (I find him to be an obnoxious jock), Bella and Edward are probably my least favorite characters in the story. I much prefer Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Jacob, and Renesmee. And the Volturi are pretty cool in their own freaky way (I like Aro and Marcus, not so much Caius). But anyway, I like Bella and Edward so little mostly, as NeeNee said, because of their angst. And here are three specific things I don’t like about them: 😛

1. Bella’s incessant description of Edward’s voice as “velvet”. Also, honey (for his eyes and maybe his voice sometimes too? I don’t remember). I mean, the girl NEVER stops swooning over him. And frankly he can’t be that perfect. I mean I’m all for keeping the romance alive but COME ON. Does she have to swoon EVERY TIME he comes near her? Get over it! Especially once you’ve been together for awhile, the novelty should wear off. I don’t care if he’s a super-hot vampire, the novelty should wear off! At least a little bit! And enough about his velvet voice already!!!

2. Edward’s angst: (note sarcasm in my imitation of him). “Oh, I’m so evil and horrible and I don’t have a soul and I’m a monster and why does Bella love me and she should be afraid of me and she shouldn’t want to be a vampire and I have to keep her as a human and I’m so terrible and why does she want to stay with me oh how evil and horrible and worthless I am!” *Eye roll* First, he ought to respect Bella and not be so condescending to her all the time. She’s grown up enough to make her own decisions. Second, seriously dude, get over yourself! You’re not a monster, you hold back, you care, you don’t kill people, if she loves you just accept it and let it go, especially if she makes you happy. Your biggest problem is that you put yourself down too much for no good reason. The rest of his family doesn’t do that! The author seems to imply it’s because he’s been alone for so long, but it also seems to imply that he’s been alone by choice. So is his alone-ness causing his attitude, or vice-versa? Just a thought.

3. Bella’s angst: (note more sarcasm). “Oh look at poor little me I’m so weird and I’m awkward and clumsy and unusual and obviously not pretty or glamorous why does he love me I’m not so great oh I am so unworthy of his love because he’s so glorious and I’m plain and ordinary and so not-special and not pretty and oh I am unworthy I am unworthy why does he love me?” Again: GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Geez these two and their lack of confidence in themselves and Bella’s self-esteem issues! They say you can’t be loved by another person if you don’t love yourself first. Makes me wonder how these two ever got together! Nobody wants to be with somebody who’s always depressed and down on him/herself. At least I personally am turned off by people with no self-esteem. But whatever.

Ok, I’m done now. 🙂

3. Bella’s angst

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Twilight

  1. Chani's disclaimer: So yeah I went and read NeeNee's Twilight post from January and she mostly said the same things. But I guess it's not overkill to make the points again (I hope?). After all, they are major problems in the silly books and clearly drive both NeeNee and myself bonkers! Anyway, for more on this see her earlier post.

  2. I think reiteration shows it's more of a commonish opinion. At least, I hope that people will not encounter this series and say that it is "great" literature. Stephen King is right, it's readable and sellable, but that does not make it "great." Unfortunately we don't care if a book is "good" just whether or not it is readable and sellable.

  3. I have to say I agree with you for the most part (though perhaps not quite so…emphatically). I've read Twilight (and the rest of the series) multiple times and find them fun, ejoyable reads, which is, sometimes, all I ask from a book. Is it going to become a classic work of literature? I doubt it. I think the main thing with the problems you describe is not really that their there at all, it's just that after the first couple times they're over the top. We're not stupid, we get it. My main problem with Twilight is the fangirls. I mean come on! They do know this is fiction right? Yes, there have been times when I've sort of wished that a literary character was real, but never to the point that some of these people take it. I think this comment is getting rather long so I shall try to wrap it up with one more thing. In reference to your third point. While I do think Bella goes over the top with this, I must say if Henry Cavill (he plays Charles Brandon on the Tudors) declared his undying love for me, I'd be wondering what he saw in me.

  4. well, at least it was a change. …the demand that we listen to "harry potter" two nights a week, every week, without fail has gotten very, very old after two years. i love slytherin, but… maybe not *that* much.

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