You’re Beautiful

In reference to the Korean drama, not the James Blunt song.  I have just finished watching the drama and was please with its outcome. At first I thought it was silly and ridiculous, but it hooks a viewer in.

The eye and ear candy helped of course. Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki, Park Shin Hye, and Jung Yong Hwa did an excellent job posing as a band and their singing was awesome.  I love the soundtrack. The only bad part is like all soundtracks, it doesn’t have all the music you want, but at least it has most of it.  I really want the Jang Geun Suk version of “What Can I Do?” a very poignant song about losing the person you love and watching helplessly as they do so.

Now, if only I actually understood Korean a little more than I do. I really do enjoy their dramas.  Taiwanese and Japanese dramas are good too.  And why I am watching foreign dramas versus American?

1. Most of the American dramas I like get cancelled

2. The rest turn to crap because of interminable seasons where writers manage to screw up what was once enjoyable.

Definitely something to check out.  There are a lot of websites with English subtitles now.


One thought on “You’re Beautiful

  1. firstly, and this has *nothing* to do with your post, i just discovered that firefox auto blocks websites! that was pretty neat, because according to the scary red screen, the website i had stumbled upon during a half-asleep google search was some sort of evil! secondly, i have been kinda considering getting into "romance" for the past few years… but i'm not completely convinced i can sit through an entire tv series that doesn't involve anime or jon hamm…

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