Thought that Counts – Tell Me Another One

How many times in our lives have we heard that particular phrase, “It’s the thought that counts.” Be that as it may, how often do we actually appreciate the thought behind some of the things that is phrase is often applied to? Seriously, not many people actually appreciate the thought and effort that goes into doing things.

I have determined that next year, if any one gets a gift from me at all, it will be in cash. Probably no more than $10 or $15. I am not being cheap, I am poor so I really can’t afford to actually give a lot of money to people and I try to spend no more than $10-$15 on presents per person, with some exceptions. Children are easier to buy for than adults so they will still get actual presents, but the adults are getting fussy.

And by adults, I mean one person. One person who believes in name brands and stuff that I just can’t bring myself to care about. I don’t care about Gucci sunglasses nor Louis V’s purses.  In her case, the thought doesn’t count. How do I know? You should have seen her face when she opened my present and when her husband opened my present.  It’s always great to see the look of disgust.  Which I don’t understand, because it was a really pretty shirt.  The best part came when she told her husband that he was not allowed to wear his present in her presence.

Oh please. The thought that counts? Indeed. Nope, I think next year, I’ll put all my effort into the homemade Christmas cards I didn’t bother doing this year (much to the disappointment of a few family members shockingly enough.)

Am I being vindictive? Just a little. But, you know, I am sick of this accepting gifts graciously to your face and bad-mouthing behind the back. So, commercially, screw Christmas. It isn’t about presents but about love and remembering the importance of the holiday anyways.


One thought on “Thought that Counts – Tell Me Another One

  1. ha! i hate getting weird presents that i have to say "thank you" for. i hand out pretty lengthy lists: do you mean to tell me that you *seriously* could not find at least *one* of the *four trillion things* that i wrote down???meanwhile: oh! i have set up a wordpress account, and i just noticed that i can now log in under that name to post to your blog. hrm…

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