Condoms Blamed for Rape . . . ?

While updating the blog list for work, I came across this interesting blog article. Just when you thought the Catholic Church couldn’t get and crazier, add in Italy’s interesting safe-sex policy of installing condom vending machines in high school and you get one hot potato on your hands and the Catholic Church expressing their outrage.

About as good as expressing outrage over condom use in third world countries. Seriously.

I don’t believe this is necessarily promoting sex before marriage or underage cavorting, this is just being realistic. Teenagers (not all, some) will have sex before leaving high school, so you might as well get them in the habit of practicing safe sex, right? But then again, this is a hot topic everywhere. Just what should we or shouldn’t we teach our children about that 3-letter word and its consequences?

I am all for informing them and letting them know the consequences without them experiencing it firsthand (i.e. teenage pregnancy, STDS), but I suppose the method of believing they won’t and keeping them in the dark works too, right?


4 thoughts on “Condoms Blamed for Rape . . . ?

  1. not entirely sure how condoms could be blamed for rape unless there is an unknown trend of rapists to take the time to pull one on, first…? i remember hearing/reading somewhere awhile back that the kids in florida who had grown up under the presidency of george w. bush, and had therefore been exposed to "abstinence only" as the primary means of sex ed, had come up with their own creative ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. part of it involved drinking bleach and smoking weed. …because no one had ever told them what condoms were, or what birth control consists of, they'd had to wing it on their own, and that's what they'd come up with. …i suppose if you drink bleach, rashes and babies really are probably the least of your problems, eh?this is also like that article i read somewhere about how conservatives think that living in big cities makes you gay, 'cause there are larger gay populations in larger cities. oooh… there's some interesting logic for ya.

  2. oh, that is so weird. how come it says my post has been published, and it lists that there is one comment, but i can't see it, and when i click on it, it says there are zero comments?oh, internet… you weird little creature!

  3. Wow, There were similar arguments raised when they came up with the HPV Vaccine. Some people didn't want to make the vaccine mandatory for teenage girls because it would "encourage sex". I don't know, from what I hear sex pretty much happens whether you encourage it or not. And besides, just because you can't get one disease doesn't mean you can't get others, or become pregnant, or whatever. No birth control is 100% effective so really shouldn't give people the excuse to have free-for-all sex whenever the heck they want. And isn't it better to have protected sex than unprotected? I think most intelligent human beings have figured out that abstinence-only education doesn't work. At least not on enough of a percentage of the population for it to be considered effective.

  4. i was watching "16 and pregnant" the other day and this one girl (not the knocked up girl, mind you) said, "well, it's not like you can exactly prevent pregnancy or anything."…i've got to stop watching that show. it makes me want to go find a teenager to kick in the head.

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