Carnism = Sexism & Racism

I am not against feminism or anything, but I have to say that some of these people come up with the most absurd theories. The newest one in being that eating meat, or “carnism,” is akin to racism and sexism. At least according to Dr. Melanie Joy. For the scoop, check out the original articles posted on

In my opinion, why do humans eat meat? It is not because it is some senseless thing we are taught from birth. Meat does bring in needed nutrients (iron, protein, and more) and it was a big staple to our ancestors before farming was invented (can you “invent” farming?).

There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian or a vegan, but they miss out on the protein and other goodies meat provide. They also have to be very careful and make sure they are eating a well-balanced and supplemental meal (which quite a few vegetarians and vegans actually ignore). You need to make up for what you are not getting by adding meat into your diet.

You don’t need meat everyday. You won’t die without it, but to say that a person who eats meat is as bad as a racist or sexist is too extreme. It’s like those radical feminists who link pregnancy to a parasitic relationship that invades a woman’s body unfairly. (No, I am not making that up, I studied it in a philosophy class in college.)

But read the article for yourself and make your own judgments. I won’t give up eating meat. I am not a racist nor a sexist. Nor am I a total feminist, which makes some of my more radical friends cringe, but hey, not all girls today have to be feminists, right?


4 thoughts on “Carnism = Sexism & Racism

  1. the restaurant she's talking about… wouldn't happen to be antlers in sault ste. marie, would it?if ya watch the travel channel, the foodies have been saying a similar thing to this chick for awhile, now: that people who scarf food are too far removed from the process of making/growing/acquiring/processing food to really comprehend what all goes into it. lemme see if i can figure this out:if carnism is a case of saying it is okay to eat a cow over a dog, and sexism is a case of saying it is okay to hire a man over a woman, then the solution to carnism would be to promote the consumption of all animals equally, and the solution to sexism would be to hire all genders equally. and the opposite of carnism would be veganism, and the opposite of sexism would be a pretty extreme version of feminism. …did i get her train of thought right? also, as a vegetarian, i hate that i am always clumped in with those other tree hugging hippies. i don't really care about animals. i don't send money to peta. i'm pretty fond of fur, even. so… is there an ism against vegetarians from the perspective of annoying vegans???

  2. She never names the restaurant… Oh, well, you can say that whole process things goes for all food and not just meat. I happen to know where meat comes from and have even helped chop up a deer or two. And since my family cans, I do know what goes into my food and that's not a whole heck of a lot (compared to the canned food in stores). It is true that all vegetarians and vegans get lumped together in one pile whether they share the same beliefs, the same with feminists (mostly all get lumped in radial, bra-burning crazies category).

  3. I totally agree! I haven't read the article yet because I have this strange feeling it might piss me off – lol. I really don't have a problem with vegetarians as long as they don't try to make me into one as well or act 'holier than thou' about it – it's vegans that drive me up a wall! Now number one, nobody is truly a vegan because the FDA allows a certain amount of dead insect parts to be present in all food 😛 – lol yeah I know extreme example but really, how can anybody think they can completely eliminate anything from their diet so perfectly … there's stuff floating around everywhere. And if you want to REALLY get technical (yes I'm still being extreme) if you smell meat cooking you are TECHNICALLY inhaling very microscopic tiny particles of the meat so… yeah. lol. I myself try to eat meat a little less, for environmental and health reasons (not that it always works out that way – lol) but I could NEVER give it up completely. By the way, I just had a yummy steak for dinner 🙂

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