Picky Bookstore ^_^

While updating NewPages’s bookstore lists, I came across this website for The Twig Bookstore in San Antonio, Texas. And I must say I love their excerpt from San Antonio Current Magazine:

The ever-helpful Twig staff prominently display books by local authors, and mercifully place the Twilight books on a shelf too high for most ’tweens to reach.

That Twilight reference is funny to me. The first two books aren’t too bad, but really it gets a lot more mature in the latter half the the series and I am all for pushing them towards better forms of literature. Although, can we complain when we have books like Twilight keeping or interesting kids in reading?


3 thoughts on “Picky Bookstore ^_^

  1. i read a post the other day of hyde saying he'd be up for a role in "twilight", if somebody offered it. like everyone else, i had the shuichi-style mixed-reaction of, "WTF?!? 'TWILIGHT'?!? SERIOUSLY?!?!!?! NOOOOOO!!!" in-between going, "i'd pay to go see hyde on the big screen. a-yup, yup."

  2. Okay my number one complaint about Twilight… really it all just comes down to this. EDWARD IS TOO FREAKING EMO!!!!!!!!! lol I can't handle his emo-ness 😛

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