Truth is, Indeed, Stranger than Fiction

I couldn’t make this up even if I tried.

Today I googled my mother’s name to show a picture of her to a friend. The first hit off of Google was an obituary. The obituary was from a month ago, and oddly enough the woman in the obituary was my mother.

How could I not know my own mother had died a month ago across the country from me? Our history and relationship would be too complicated to explain and would take too much of an effort to try to. However, a mystery to me is why no one even bothered to inform her children as to her passing. Randomly discovering it thanks to Google is just bizarre. Her new husband knew how to contact my sister and myself so I am curious why he didn’t try to contact us to let us know.

So, goodbye to my mother. May she rest in peace and have a better place in death that she never managed to find in life.


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