Name that Plant

I was recently going through various pictures of flowers and plants and came across a picture that I don’t remember taking at all. The colors of the blooms are reminiscent of the pinkish-purple Christmas cacti that we have in my house, but that is definitely not what this plant is. So, what is this flower? I have no idea, but it sure was pretty. I know it’s not a tulip either, but it kind of reminds me of one, too.


3 thoughts on “Name that Plant

  1. Very nice pic, whoever took it whenever… 🙂 What you have there is a cyclamen. My grandmother used to grow them very nicely. I’ve killed them faster than I can type this each time I’ve tried. Yours must not have made it either. 😉

    1. No. I think most of the potted plants that my family gets as gifts [aside from the Christmas Cacti] usually all end up dead… We even water them and care for them. Go figure. Thanks for identifying it!

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