Promise of Snow

March started with mild temperatures and then went into summer-like weather. It is now ending more like winter than spring. It is disappointing to be back to the normal, cold, snowy weather. Oh, well. It’s what makes Michigan so much fun. I remember the car commercials geared towards Michiganders with the phrase saying if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. Some days more so than others, that can be really true. Rain, snow, sleet, etc, all in one day.

With the interesting yellow-tinged clouds this morning, who would have guessed they would morph into blue-gray snow clouds? I really wish I could have gotten a picture of the really heavy, huge snowflakes we were getting just shortly after noon today. Alas, I was driving in the worst of the weather today [it didn’t last long nor amount to much, but still not fun driving in as visibility was low and the roads were a wee bit slippery with slushy snow].


2 thoughts on “Promise of Snow

  1. Pretty photos. Love the clouds and the trees. Where are you in MI? I’m south of Lansing. They predicted snow for us on Thursday but we got some rip-roaring thunderstorms and hail instead! And it was still in the 30’s!
    The sun is trying to come out now….Saturday. We haven’t seen the sun for a few days.

    • Ah, I like Lansing. I live a wee bit north of the tricities. We’ve managed to have brief little moments of sunshine, but they go away pretty quickly.

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