Paint Pictures

Wow. I can’t believe I still have these. I don’t even know how old they are… high school, I think on some. This was my first try at computer art after my sister and I discovered Paint. They aren’t very good, but I did try and just thought I’d blow off the dust on them and post them for the heck of it. I love art but will definitely admit my lack of skill or creativity in it.

Abstract Art:

paint art

I love abstract art. The sad part? I draw like this even w/o a computer šŸ˜›

Paint practice

Do you think it looks like shattered glass? That's what it's supposed to be...

Frau Smiley Art:

Frau Smiley was just a female smiley character I created. I think my pencil drawings of her look a little bit better than these computer drawings. Maybe if I actually had one of those digital drawing pad thingies these could have turned out a wee bit better. The last picture in this series actually isn’t Frau Smiley. Just a princess I was drawing.


It was fun finding these again. I have to admit that I don’t think my computer art skills have improved at all since then…


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