Travelogue: Castle Rock

Castle Rock is in the UP, not too far from St. Ignace. A lot of cool things in Michigan are in the UP. That’s not to say there is nothing good in the lower peninsula, because there is tons of nice places and parks to go in the lower part of Michigan just as there is in the upper part.

My friend really likes to take trips and we took a weekend in 2009 to try to catch the fall foliage up north. Unfortunately, we were just a little too early. Some places had a lot of color change, but it was mostly sporadic with a lot of greenery instead of pretty fall colors.

Castle Rock is a limestone sea stack/sea chimney. I’ve been to visit this numerous times with family and my friend and I still love to go see it, especially since it is this long rock chimney standing at the edge of a cliff overlooking a lake where you can see many different colors in the water if you look closely enough.

A far off view:

Castle Rock

Castle Rock

The multicolored water:


The cave at the base of the formation:


The view of Lake Huron from Castle Rock. It was a rainy weekend which was good for waterfalls:

Lake HuronLake Huron

Up-close views of Castle Rock:

Castle RockCastle RockIt is a beautiful natural limestone formation leftover from one of the last glacial periods and definitely worth checking out. The view is amazing and nature never ceases to amaze me with what it can produce.


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