Reminiscing – Florence

I went to southern Michigan over the weekend to help my sister move [and am still a little sore from doing so – accursed real wood furniture] and the trip down reminded me a bit of my trip to Alabama and back. On our way down to Alabama a year ago, it was beautiful and sunny, but rather cold. The trip home was overcast and we saw rain by the time we hit Ohio.

Oddly enough, the trip to Deerfield had the same overcast look and feel and it just reminded me of that very long car trip back. Now, I can’t for the life of me remember what state we were in when I saw this water tower, but it was one of highlights from the trip back [just like Needmore Road in Ohio]. That and trying to catch pictures of the mountains as we were driving. I think I’ll try to post some pictures from that trip later after I finally go through and pick out ones that I like that turned out relatively well.

I just love this water tower. Does anyone know what state this is? We drove through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. I know this is definitely NOT Ohio and Alabama. So its one of the states in between.

Florence watert ower


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