Calendar – May 2012

Happy first of May! May is the month of spring flowers, of Mother’s day, of my family’s never-ending parade of spring birthdays. Sigh. So many May birthdays and soon to be another one!

Anywho, here is May’s calendar shot taken at Gahagan Nature Center. There is just something majestic about lilies, particularly ones found in the wild. We had a bunch of these in our flower garden at home, but got rid of them as they slowly started taking over the entire garden.




3 thoughts on “Calendar – May 2012

  1. wow these flowers are already blooming for you, because were i live it is not until early july that they start to show themselves in full colour. Great photo.

    • This is actually a photo I took four years ago in July :-P. We might get some early blooms, but thanks to this funky spring, the two weeks of 70-80 degree weather brought out buds only to be nipped by frost and slowed down by the normal spring temperatures.

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