Yesterday’s Storm

We started the week off in the 40s and then hit nearly 80. I guess thunderstorms, rather violent ones, are to be expected. The great part was that the storm really broke on my way home from work. Trying to drive, not being able to see far in front of you or even the lines on the road – not fun at all. Half way home, the rain suddenly stopped, and the roads from that point on were dry, but the sky was pitch black and some of the clouds were swirling in a circular pattern. Just a few miles from home and the skies opened up once again with a torrential downpour. This was coupled with gusting winds, loud cracks of thunder, and bright flashes of lightning. All in all, nothing bad happened, which was good. But several parts of the state had pretty severe flooding. Luckily nothing too major in my area.

That being said, I got some pretty nifty pictures from that morning and immediately after the storm started clearing up that evening.

funky cloud

Reminded me almost of a sideways funnel cloud

storm cloudsstorm cloudssunsetsunset

funky cloud

This almost reminds you of a funnel cloud that’s gone sideways instead of straight down

funky cloud

These next two pictures I did not do anything to. The lighting effect is what I saw as a reflection of the sunset on the woods behind the house. It gave off a bit of a creepy, eerie feel as if something was going to come, but no worse weather occurred.

yellow-hue sceneyellow hue

A weird day, but some pretty cool shots.


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