Hidden Nest with Eggs

Well, mamma robin decided to come back to the nest to lay her 2nd batch of eggs. The first batch consisted of 4 eggs, but this one only has three. It’s so difficult to try to angle the camera right to take the picture with the mother a few feet away watching me carefully.

robin's eggs


5 thoughts on “Hidden Nest with Eggs

  1. Thank you for including my bluebird post! Good luck with your robins. It looks like they are inside of an old tire rim, is that right? Wherever they are, it’s a great shot!!

    • You’re welcome!
      Yes, it is inside an old tire rim that we use to wrap our watering hoses around. I guess she thinks its pretty safe and knows we won’t bother her nest as this is her 5 batch of eggs in the same nest for 2 years.

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