What Happens When…Cotton Candy

So, what happens when cotton candy is in a dry, hot room in a plastic container?

Let’s just say it’s no longer a fluffy ball of goodness. I like cotton candy. I can’t eat it in one go and this particular container has been on my desk for half a month. It survived pretty well until the temperatures and humidity stared soaring (we don’t have central air). Now, my half gone cotton candy dwindled down into a multicolored sugar rock. Yes, rock. As in its inedible since it would break your teeth. It got that hard. Sure, you might try re-hydrating it, but I can’t imagine that would be very good, plus sugar dissolves.

The same thing started happening to my grandmother’s as well. Needless to say, we are leaving the remaining cotton candy in the basement (it’s cement and oh-so-cool down there).

cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy


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