Calendar – August 2012

I have a lot of great sky pictures in the month of August. So why did I choose a sunset from July? Who knows. I know that you don’t need to have pictures specifically from that month when you do calendars, but for my next calendar, I really think I’ll try to do that. And with my next one, I might just completely devote it to the sky. Because I love the sky. I love taking pictures of it. It’s quite a remarkable canvas.

This sunset on July 12th of last year was completely amazing! I took over 30-50 pictures. Of course, not everyone turned out, but the ones that did were shockingly beautiful and I’m not saying that just because I was the photographer. The colors, the shapes of the clouds, all were amazing just to see with your own eyes so I was happy that some of the pictures turned out and could capture the sunset so well.



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