Scene It: Iki mo Dekinai Natsu

I have been watching Japanese drama Iki mo Dekinai Natsu of late and am loving it. But one of my most favorite things about this drama is it’s opening and ending sequences. It has this beautiful blue sky that you would not believe if you didn’t see it for yourself. Sure it’s probably computer enhanced, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous.

Iki mo Dekinai Natsu

All the different tones of blue…it’s just pretty. And also cool is the poster for the series. It really fits with the whole message behind the drama. The lead (played by Takei Emi) Tanizaki Rei has learned she is not on her family’s register, which means in Japan, you don’t exist.

For those interested in information on the drama, you can see my other site:


2 thoughts on “Scene It: Iki mo Dekinai Natsu

  1. NeeNee, you’re confusing me with all the pages you run, lol.

    The poster for this dorama is gorgeous with all the serene tones of whites and blues. I like Takei Emi too so I may be checking this one out. Thanks for letting me know about it 🙂

    Sounds a little hippy, but I’m a huge fan of looking at the sky, too. Mother Nature is so amazing and I think people are often in such a rush that they neglect to tilt their heads upwards and appreciate the beauty that blankets our Earth (this is also why I always choose the window seat on a plane where-ever possible!

    • LOL. I just have 2. No time for more. 😛

      Yes, it is gorgeous. I was debating blogging it on AAA, but decided to put it on here thanks to the beautiful tones and sky images.

      Yes, the sky is so amazing and a lot of people are in too much of a rush to appreciate it. Nature has the sky as one of the best natural canvases that is always changing and interesting. I’ve only ridden on the window seat of a plane once. I didn’t get to see much as most of the journey took place in the night and the next morning the sky was all overcast and you didn’t get to see much. But what little I could actually see of the sky of Germany and all that was below was pretty nifty.

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