Scene It: May Queen Episode 14

I love posting scenes from television shows and movies that I just find breathtaking and makes me wish I was there in that place at that exact moment. This time the screen capture is once again from Korean drama May Queen starring Kim Jae Won, Jae Hee, and Han Ji Hye.

This is a very pretty view of Ulsan at night. Look at all the blues–blue light, blue sky, blue water. It makes for a very interesting composition, don’t you think?

Ulsan at Night


2 thoughts on “Scene It: May Queen Episode 14

  1. Really nice capture. I moving over to Ulsan in a few weeks to work there for some time. It’s an industrial city, but I am sure it has some really nice spots worth visiting

    • Thank you. Seeing some of the beautiful spots around the industrial city is spectacular. It makes me wish that I had enough money to travel to see it 🙂

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