Artful Mistakes – Sunrise 13 October 2012

Sometimes mistakes can be just as interesting and beautiful as the real pictures were meant to be. I had my camera with me on the way down to visit my sister in Southern Michigan. Since I wasn’t driving, I was hoping to try to catch a good sunrise. Unfortunately, many of the pictures came out horribly blurry and out of focus thanks to the fact we were traveling down the expressway at 70 miles an hour and that the camera wanted to focus on whatever stationary objects it could.

This picture did not turn out at all, but it has a very artistic quality to it, almost like a painting. In fact, it almost looks like one of the filters you can apply in Photoshop (which I kind of suck at using so I tend not to use it).


This picture is out of focus like the other one. I really enjoy it for the fact that the trees look like hair flying in the wind.


And then there is this picture which almost looks like it has smudging going on using oil pastels.


And here is another photograph much like the first, very artistic looking in the sense that I would think it was a painting if I didn’t know it was a photograph.


In this photograph, I really like how the pine trees have this wavy look to them. It’s a really neat effect.


I have quite a few more, but these are my top favorites of pictures that didn’t turn out, but turned out cool in and of their own right.


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