Tea Rose Invasion

Once upon a time, every person who lived at our house had a rose bush. My aunt had a yellow rose that did well, but she took it with her when she left. My grandmother had a green rose that did okay for awhile, but died off. My poor sister never really managed to get her blue roses. I want to say she might have had a white rosebush that died as well. Me? I have a vibrant pink bloom known as Christian Dior Roses. However…I’m not sure how it happened, but there is now tea roses mixed in with my Christian Dior bush. I don’t remember anyone planting tea roses…so just where did them come from?

Off topic from sky pictures, but take a look at the roses from this year. The bush is bursting with them! The majority are tea roses, but there are still some Christan Dior blooms among them.

Isn’t it amazing? It’s the most roses we’ve ever had. I wonder why this year they are so plentiful.


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