I have more sky pictures, but I need to download them to my computer still, so here’s some more garden pictures!

Last year my grandfather got an stone flower pot from a client who no longer wanted it. Actually, he got two. We gave the longer, heavier planter to my aunt and kept the smaller (still quite heavy) planter for ourselves. When trying to figure out what to put in it this year, we came across a greenhouse with tons of Verbena. So, we took every color Verbena they had and then got a different pink bloom to put in the middle. With the sudden cold snap and the constant back and forth of warm and cold weather, I thought the plants would be done in, but they bounced back and are overtaking the planter – even the white blossom Verbena that was hit quite bad from frost.

3 thoughts on “Verbena

  1. they’re pretty wee flowers. I meant to send you a ping of one of my recent posts of a sunset in May that I posted last week, ’cause I thought of you

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