Diet Reflection: Weeks 1-2

I have officially started on my third week of the Beyond Diet program. This program is nice because it does take the guess work out of trying to count calories and it is all about a lifestyle change of eating natural and organic foods versus eating all that processed junk full of bad sugars and bad chemicals.

The first two weeks introduce you to a 14-day meal plan that is supposed to jump start the natural fat burning process of your own body. There’s no starving yourself or doing liquid cleanses versus eating real food. What made the first two weeks really hard is that all dairy and grains like wheat are cut out of the diet. Plus, the only meat you’re eating is turkey or chicken with some buffalo meatballs thrown in for lunch one day. There’s also tons of avocado and tomatoes. Two foods I am not fond of. And you are eating salads everyday. I don’t dislike salad, but it does get old eating everyday (normally as a side for dinner). Oh. And fish! I’m not a fish lover. So looking at all of this, it seems pretty amazing that I could follow this diet, but follow it I did as strictly as I could.

I was a good girl and tried really hard to eat raw tomatoes. And I did. To the point where I was kind of making myself very unhappy. I don’t know why raw tomatoes trigger a gag reflex in me, but they do. So I bid adios to all the times they called for eating a whole tomato. I couldn’t eat a part of a tomato raw much less a whole one. So I cut tomatoes out. I should have replaced them, but I didn’t. I did eat the avocado with little problem. The avocado wasn’t actually ripe so it was not soft, but on the hard side. I can eat chopped up avocado like that. The super soft stuff…gag reflex triggered again. I know that it’s full of good things, but there’s just something about this particular…fruit or whatever its considered. But, I tried not to skip out on it and often mashed the soft avocado with broccoli or cauliflower.

I really missed dairy. I am, unfortunately, lactose intolerant. There are lots of people just like me out there. I really, really, really love dairy. I love to drink milk and eat cheese and partake in some yogurt and ice cream on occasion. And no more half and half in my coffee. It was really sad and hard, but I did it! I made it through the two weeks without dairy except on the cheat days you’re allotted (I made homemade pizza on both occasions, lol).

I have discovered that I don’t hate fish. I can eat it. Although I usually put lemon on the fish to makeup for any lingering fishiness that might trigger uncomfortableness. I hate fishiness. That order, that taste. Of course they say seafood is not supposed to taste or smell fishy. Who knows. I had wild caught salmon and I tried out tilapia loins (thankfully this meant the evil mud vein that can make cleaning a doozy was absent). I have also discovered no mayo tuna fish salad isn’t bad at all. I did miss Miracle Whip during this diet section. I’m sure it’s just as unhealthy as mayo in some ways, but I’ve never looked.

I have discovered the goodness that is sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash. These are two foods I had never eaten before. Unfortunately, I have also discovered that spaghetti squash does not make my tummy very happy, so it’s a good discovery that I’ll have to pass on, which is disappointing. Thankfully sweet potatoes have no ill effect and now that I’m off the 14 days, I’m incorporating this into my meals on a more regular basis. This makes my grandfather happy as he dearly loves sweet potatoes. We even discovered a new way to eat them together! I made  them by chopping them in rounds and tossing them in oil and seasoning before roasting them in the oven.

Another hard part is the sheer amount of water you’re supposed to drink. I won’t lie, I never really get the full 64 ounces you’re supposed to be drinking on a daily basis, but learning you’re supposed to drink half your weight in ounces was crazy and I’ve never made it that far. I did drink a lot of caffeine free green tea during these two weeks because it was a nice and welcome change from all that plain water. And of course, by imbibing more water, you’re running to the toilet every five minutes or so to pee. That’s supposed to level off when your body becomes accustomed to the new water intake, but that hasn’t happened for me yet.

All in all, I am happy with the results. I’ve lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks. I’m sure a lot of that is just water weight, but it still makes me happy. And now that the first 14 day restrictions (according to food limitations of what kind you can eat) are done, I’m happy being able to eat a bigger variety of foods once more. I’m also happy to discover what my metabolism type is and to know why after all this time, my body reacted the way it did. I’d eat a carb and sugar heavy breakfast (cereal, etc. – no protein) and I’d be extremely hungry in half an hour. And if I ate carb heavy at meals and for snacks there’s that sluggishness that follows and you realize this is because your body and carbs don’t necessarily like each other. So now I’m incorporating more protein and feeling happier and better than I have in awhile.


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