Full Moon, Time to Howl!

Happy Friday the 13th! After a rather crazy week weather-wise, today was happily uneventful and I managed to be very productive the 4 hours I worked today! 4 hours of billing and dealing with reservations! Go me.

So, I think I definitely would like to invest in an honest to goodness tripod for my digital camera, especially when trying to take low-light pictures. One little shake and BOOM! Blurry as hell pictures…or worse. I also would love to get the newer high-end Nikon that can do videos and pictures…hell, I’d love the wireless feature so I wouldn’t have to keep taking my memory card out or connect it to a computer with cables. But, new cameras like that are super expensive! Super. It’s like the cost of 6-months worth of car insurance…give or take.

All photographs are mine. Don’t take without credit. Here’s a lovely picture of tonight’s full moon. Still a little blurry and grainy, but still fairly awesome. I took this with a makeshift tripod aka cookbooks stacked up with a crocheted beanie angling the camera for me. Whatever works, right?

Full Moon on Jan 13 2017

Full moon on Friday the 13th.

And, the best picture of tonight? Full on backyard shot. I am not a great photographer by any means, but I discovered today that about 1 out of every 100 or so photographs turns out rather magical and awesome.

Winter full moon January 2017

Wintry full moon night!

I was going through and showing everything on my camera to my grandfather and found some absolutely lovely photographs I had taken in 2016 that I didn’t even realize I had. Probably because I fail at looking at half of what I take until months (or years) later.

Speaking of bad low-light shots? Try on another full moon! This was the Super Moon from November of 2016. It was a crappy shot that turned out cool thanks to the lighting effects.

super moon failure

Super moon artful mistake November 2016

Here’s to spending the time to not just look through a viewfinder this year, but to actually see the value of what you’re taking.


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