A Fresh Start

Yes, a fresh start. This blog originally started out as Asian Addicts Anonymous then became Asian Music Addicts Anonymous and then it was given a new URL and the original content was deleted and was used as an actual blog, mostly dedicated to photography of the sky. Hence the name was An Everchanging Sky.

Meet my traveling bear avatar!

I have decided to reboot An Everchanging Sky in a new way and thus I think this blog is entering its final iteration and that will be a Travel Blog of sorts documenting trips around the Mitten State. Why? Mainly because I have no money to travel beyond my home state pretty much. Plus…Michigan is kind of cool, not going to lie. With all of our lakeshores and beauty not only just in the upper peninsula, I do love my state for the most part. Now if only our infrastructure can get fixed…

Thank you for sticking around while I figure things out. I will NOT be deleting the old content or changing the URL again. But things are still in a transitional period. I have posts plan and just need the time to get them put into motion.

I am still working out if I’ll be keeping this theme or not or changing things up. Making up my mind can be so difficult! I hope you stick around and enjoy learning more about the fun times to be had in Michigan with me.


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