Basket Weave Messy Bun Hat

Being a girl, it has always been annoying trying to wear a hat if you wore your hair up. I don’t know why this didn’t go viral earlier, but the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 saw an explosion of the Messy Bun Hat. A hat that was crocheted or knitted with a hole on top to wear a bun or ponytail. Continue reading


Custom Crochet Stand Mixer Cover

My favorite aunt requested that I make her a crocheted cover for her KitchenAid stand mixer. After joking with her about only making it if I had time, I started looking for inspiration and patterns on Pinterest. After finding several crochet, fabric, and knit patterns, I sent them on to my aunt.

She fell in love with the idea of a hat being used as a mixer cover as done by this crafter. Because I’m such a wonderful niece who doesn’t listen, I looked for more inspiration and decided to use the start of a basic bag pattern that I made 2-3 years ago. Of course, since I wanted to use that pattern, I couldn’t find the book it was from. Typical, lol. Thus I went back to Pinterest and found a cool crochet tote that utilized the star stitch. 

I tried making sense of the pattern, but gave up. Being new to the star stitch, the instructions just made no sense (like when I try doing the crocodile stitch). I then went to my ever trusty books. I found the star stitch formula in one, but still didn’t get it. Thus I took to the internet for picture tutorials. I finally found one that I could wrap my head around and then it was time to start.

Since I couldn’t find my original bag pattern, I crocheted the oval in the round from memory. I’m fairly certain it is not 100% correct, but it looked okay. After I had my single crochet oval base, I moved on to the star stitch.

Since I had to rip out my oval a few times, I did not want to have to rip out my star stitches. Thus, when I realized I wasn’t doing the stitches entirely correct, I improvised. My aunt wanted a hat-like mixer cover, right? I created large pleats at the top to make it sort of like a rectangular version of a chef’s hat. Of course, it only really looks like one when it’s off the mixer. This is mainly because I made the cover to fit snuggly.

I then finished the cover off with a little mini-shell frill. My only regret isn’t taking better notes so I have an actual pattern formula. Overall, I think it turned out just fine.

This was made using two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarn and a size H crochet hook.

Blast from the past: Fashion Design

Oddly enough, I’m not a very fashionable person. Growing up was filled with hand-me-downs and whatever was economical. Nothing wrong with that at all. It’s life, you know? But for whatever reason, I started “designing” clothes. I use this term loosely. I can do basic sewing and mending with some basic embroidery thrown in for good measure. I know nothing about patterns and sewing and any techniques. So…I draw clothes. I’ve got notebooks full of designs, none that have seen the light of day.

I did think of studying fashion design, but opted for English instead with a focus on writing. I did end up taking a textile design class where I did design a shirt, bag, and an art…quilt…I guess. I modified bought patterns for the bag and I think I made the shirt pattern myself. Everything was hand-dyed and hand sewn. It took forever, but I was proud of the results.

I was digging through my old stuff and came across my design sketchbook that my best friend from high school gave me. The nostalgia. Below are some of my favorite designs.

These are mostly later designs. I have pages and pages of miniscule designs. As you can see, my drawing skills are not very good. Thus, you can imagine how a contact sheet full of these outfits would be.

Crochet Fever – Baby Sweaters

I’ve been attempting to learn crochet once more. My grandmother, before her health declined, was a crochet wizard and could quickly make beautiful things and she even made her own designs!

She did try to teach me on several occasions, but I never made it beyond the basic starter chain…sort of. I did manage to make a really wavy scarf in high school. Definitely NOT wavy by choice, but by lack of stitch control. Then my sister was pregnant with her second child a few years ago and I wanted to make her something. So I took up crochet needles and yarn once more. I bought pattern books and how to books and started on a washcloth. And that was really hard at the time. Thus, I gave it up again without finishing anything once more. Continue reading