Custom Crochet Stand Mixer Cover

My favorite aunt requested that I make her a crocheted cover for her KitchenAid stand mixer. After joking with her about only making it if I had time, I started looking for inspiration and patterns on Pinterest. After finding several crochet, fabric, and knit patterns, I sent them on to my aunt.

She fell in love with the idea of a hat being used as a mixer cover as done by this crafter. Because I’m such a wonderful niece who doesn’t listen, I looked for more inspiration and decided to use the start of a basic bag pattern that I made 2-3 years ago. Of course, since I wanted to use that pattern, I couldn’t find the book it was from. Typical, lol. Thus I went back to Pinterest and found a cool crochet tote that utilized the star stitch. 

I tried making sense of the pattern, but gave up. Being new to the star stitch, the instructions just made no sense (like when I try doing the crocodile stitch). I then went to my ever trusty books. I found the star stitch formula in one, but still didn’t get it. Thus I took to the internet for picture tutorials. I finally found one that I could wrap my head around and then it was time to start.

Since I couldn’t find my original bag pattern, I crocheted the oval in the round from memory. I’m fairly certain it is not 100% correct, but it looked okay. After I had my single crochet oval base, I moved on to the star stitch.

Since I had to rip out my oval a few times, I did not want to have to rip out my star stitches. Thus, when I realized I wasn’t doing the stitches entirely correct, I improvised. My aunt wanted a hat-like mixer cover, right? I created large pleats at the top to make it sort of like a rectangular version of a chef’s hat. Of course, it only really looks like one when it’s off the mixer. This is mainly because I made the cover to fit snuggly.

I then finished the cover off with a little mini-shell frill. My only regret isn’t taking better notes so I have an actual pattern formula. Overall, I think it turned out just fine.

This was made using two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarn and a size H crochet hook.


Bulgur Sausage Gravy Breakfast Bowl

Bulgur Pilaf

Jazzed up bulgur pilaf.

I sadly did not take a picture of this before I ate it. Not that I suppose it matters because my food photography definitely leaves a lot to be desired (just look at the horrible low-quality of my bulgur pilaf image). This was my first time working with bulgur. It’s a nifty grain and in the pilaf was very chewy, but in this bowl it’s barely noticeable, probably because the extra liquid helped detract from the earlier chewiness. I made the bulgur pilaf two days before as an accompaniment to a spiced chicken dinner with baked beans. It was very yummy (a little dry because I let it sit a little too long with the lid on after it was finished cooking). That makes this a very quick to make breakfast. My main problem was getting my hashbrowns cooked. I didn’t have enough butter/oil at first so it took a lot longer than it should have.

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Mingo Mango Smoothie

Because I have a nephew who loves mango. Because I have a nephew who loves mango and he calls it “mingo mango”… that’s why this recipe is named that. It’s a fairly simple recipe and was really putting to use fruits that were a little on the softer side of things. This is also using a Chai Coconut Milk blend that I’d made earlier in the week. Continue reading

Easy Iced Coffee

I am not a fan of cold coffee most times, but dress it up with some flavor, ice, and milk and I’m good to go.

  • 3 cups room temperature coffee, whatever flavor you’d like
  • 1/4 cup real maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup half and half
  • Ice cubes

First I filled my 27 ounce Activ v water bottle half full of ice cubes. Then I poured in the maple syrup and half and half. Next came the coffee. Put on your lid, do the hokey pokey and shake it all about. Done. Easy, right?

If you do this in a glass, just stir with a long handled spoon until well combined. 


Morning Snack: Blueberry Cottage Cheese Delight

blueberry cottage cheese delightNormally I don’t like cottage cheese. There’s just something about the taste and texture. I also don’t like cheese curds, although I love cheese. I’m weird and I admit it. But when you’re looking for something to jazz up a boring morning snack, cottage cheese does the trick. So below is my cottage cheese experience that made me like this dairy product a little bit. Now I’m wanting more in season blueberries to make this again. I do recommend using the brands I name since they do have the most natural products. Daisy by far had the least amount of chemicals and junk in it. Actually, I’m not sure it has any added preservatives and sugars like other cottage cheeses. Continue reading

Diet Reflection: Weeks 1-2

I have officially started on my third week of the Beyond Diet program. This program is nice because it does take the guess work out of trying to count calories and it is all about a lifestyle change of eating natural and organic foods versus eating all that processed junk full of bad sugars and bad chemicals. Continue reading