Bulgur Sausage Gravy Breakfast Bowl

Bulgur Pilaf

Jazzed up bulgur pilaf.

I sadly did not take a picture of this before I ate it. Not that I suppose it matters because my food photography definitely leaves a lot to be desired (just look at the horrible low-quality of my bulgur pilaf image). This was my first time working with bulgur. It’s a nifty grain and in the pilaf was very chewy, but in this bowl it’s barely noticeable, probably because the extra liquid helped detract from the earlier chewiness. I made the bulgur pilaf two days before as an accompaniment to a spiced chicken dinner with baked beans. It was very yummy (a little dry because I let it sit a little too long with the lid on after it was finished cooking). That makes this a very quick to make breakfast. My main problem was getting my hashbrowns cooked. I didn’t have enough butter/oil at first so it took a lot longer than it should have.

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Baby Robin Update

Baby #3 hatched!!!!! I am so happy that the egg did end up turning into a healthy, and hungry, baby robin.

robinsAlthough it’s  a little hard to tell there’s three there as they are in what I usually refer to as a puppy pile…of birds. 😛

The Newly Bald Robin Babies


The bald newly hatched baby birds, hatched 6-14-12 unfortunately the third egg did not hatch, hoping it will hatch soon and not be a bad egg. Well the birds aren’t exactly  bald they have little downy feathers (aka the newborn feathers) When i walked up to the nest to take the picture the birdies opened there mouths like a human would if they were yawning it was absolutely adorable.

Hidden Nest with Eggs

Well, mamma robin decided to come back to the nest to lay her 2nd batch of eggs. The first batch consisted of 4 eggs, but this one only has three. It’s so difficult to try to angle the camera right to take the picture with the mother a few feet away watching me carefully.

robin's eggs