Full Moon, Time to Howl!

Happy Friday the 13th! After a rather crazy week weather-wise, today was happily uneventful and I managed to be very productive the 4 hours I worked today! 4 hours of billing and dealing with reservations! Go me. Continue reading


Evening Sky 23 April 2011

I was going through some older pictures on my laptop when I found some from my trip to Alabama two years ago for Easter. This was dusk at a pond in the subdivision where my father lives.

night sky in Alabama

Dusk in Enterprise, AL

Sunset 20 June 2013

The sunset on June 20, 2013 in Linwood, MI.

Calendar – October 2012

Whoops. I normally post these on the first of each month. Anywho, here is a full moon shot from Thanksgiving 2010. None of the pictures turned out the best, but despite being grainy as all heck, this shot was still rather cool and I thought fit October as it also kind of had a bit of a spooky feel to it.


Geese go Southwest

On Saturday night as I was taking pictures of the interesting sunset we had, there was a flock of geese flying southwest overhead and I hurried up and tried to take a shot as they were directly overhead. It’s not the best shot in the world, it’s grainy as there wasn’t enough light, but I’m happy it turned out relatively okay.

flock of geese

My family like to joke that come winter, we have geese flying north instead of south. We laugh and say they must be Canadian geese heading back home for winter.

  • Geese (ifmyeyeswerecameras.com)

Sunset 16 July 2012

It was a gorgeous sunset with reds, blues, whites, and oranges. That sun seemed so huge when viewing it with the naked eye, but take out a camera and it seems to shrink in size. I know, it’s all about perspective.