Full Moon, Time to Howl!

Happy Friday the 13th! After a rather crazy week weather-wise, today was happily uneventful and I managed to be very productive the 4 hours I worked today! 4 hours of billing and dealing with reservations! Go me. Continue reading


Beautiful Late Summer Morning

Yesterday saw some nasty thunderstorms rip through the area bringing a cold front in. Today started with a trip to the farmers market for fresh veggies and yummy Amish baked goods. On the way back home, I caught a beautiful morning sky. No sunrise, just the softness of the morning.





What’s Outside Your Window? Part 1: The Sky

I’ve been wanting to try doing an image where I put a window frame and then several of my sky pictures. This is the result of trial run #1. I kind of like it. These really were all taken from the various views outside from my house. The first shot is a January (11) sunset from 2012. The second shot is and April (19) sunrise from 2011. The third shot was taken at dusk when the moon was up in July (6, 2011). The Final shot is late afternoon in October (14, 2012). What’s outside of your window?


Sunset 20 June 2013

The sunset on June 20, 2013 in Linwood, MI.

Sunrise 13 June 2013

It’s been awhile since I saw such a colorful morning sky. But the nights and mornings have been cool after a brief warmup. It’s amazing how you get this eerily beautiful pink light some times at dawn. The whole world was stained that shade before quickly fading away.