So, about me. In the virtual world I tend to go by NeeNee or wolforion20. In the real world my name is Nicole (such a common and boring name, but I love it because it is mine). I come from a background of stubborn Germans and farmers.

During the week I am the managing editor of the great literary website NewPages. In my spare time, I am an Asian entertainment junkie. I love Asian music, movies, art, food, and literature. I first started this blog to do general thoughts and feelings about various Asian entertainment. I then started recapping movies and dramas. I then started a self-hosted website: www.asianaddictsanonymous.com. I then decided that this blog will be laid to rest in the Asian entertainment department and would then be home to my photography, writing and recipes. So I crazily mass deleted the original content and changed the URL, because I do messy things quite often.

Ever since my friend gave me a digital camera for my Christmas present, I’ve been crazily taking pictures of the sky. That’s what you’ll find more on this blog than anything else aside from the recipes I started doing more of in 2020 because…it was 2020. What else was I to do?

In 2019 I became an independent consultant for Pampered Chef to try to supplement my meager income. Since I love cooking and am passionate about their quality products, I thought it was a good fit. And now I am thinking I will be going away from Pampered Chef and just starting a food blog on another URL while I convert this one to my travel diaries around the great mitten state, aka Michigan.

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